Our History

Who we are and where we came from

In July of 2019 The American Heroes Motorcycle Association welcomed the KY-1 chapter into its ranks. This chapter as quickly grown in size and in heart. We have some of the best members a chapter could ever ask for. We are very involved in everything Veteran and First responder related. We continue to grow and with that we are able to be more involved in our community to help those who need it most. 

The Ky-1 chapter and the American Heroes Motorcycle Association as a whole was founded by former CVMA members. These founders wanted to open a motorcycle association that involves more than just Combat Vets. We welcome all military veterans no matter of where or how you served. We also welcome all First Responders. We are one of the only MAs that accept all first responders into our ranks as one family.  We are a member of the Alliance, which is a fellowship of Law abiding MCs and MAs. We support all Law abiding MCs and MAs.